Privacy Policy

Internet connection

Internet connection is used for:
- displaying ads
- checking license for premium version of the app
- basic analytics by Flurry
- sharing calibration test results after finished tests
- exporting/importing battery data and settings to/from OneDrive (only when you choose that option by yourself)
- sending email with battery data (only when you choose that option by yourself). If you leave your email in the field it will be remembered. You also have option to save your email's password. If you uncheck "remember me" checkbox your password, if previously saved, will be deleted.

Location services

Location services are used for:
- better ads
- detecting if location services are enabled (it's used for the location shortcut button, so it can be colored if service is enabled)
- device location is not read or used by the app itself, only by ads

Other than indicated above, app doesn't access or collect any of your personal information.